End of our journey

Thank you for these wonderful years. It's time to say goodbye.

What is happening?

Dashflo set out on a journey 4 years ago to offer high quality hosting services at an affordable price. It’s an understatement that we have succeeded at doing this for quite some time.

The past few months have been very difficult for our business. The rising costs of some of our core expenses such as energy costs and server hardware have made it very hard for us to remain a sustainable business. For our financial wellbeing and mental health, we have decided to shut down Dashflo. Recently, we have tried many things to make this work, such as increasing our pricing and cutting down on some non-essential costs but we believe that there’s no future for us in the game hosting industry. We will continue offering dedicated servers (to all) and VPS servers (targeted to clients outside the gaming industry) via our parent company at cloudnovi.com.

We want to make sure that we do this the right way. We want to give our customers enough time and support with migrating their servers. We will also send multiple reminders using email before the deletion of our servers.

We have also arranged a 20% discount code over at bloom.host for you to use if you are a customer of ours. The coupon code "DASHFLO<3" applies to all MC and VPS services.

Below, we will try to address any concerns or questions that customers may have.

When will my service be shutting down?

  • EU Minecraft (incl reseller): 21st August
  • US Minecraft (incl reseller): 9th September
  • Discord Hosting (incl reseller): 10th September
  • Web Hosting: 10th September: 10th September
  • VPS Hosting (incl reseller): Throughout September. First will be shut down on 10th of September. If you would like your VPS to be migrated to our parent company, please open a ticket asap.
  • Dedicated servers: No fixed date. These can be further used at our parent company. Please get in touch with us via ticket to get your dedicated server transferred over.

I have paid for multiple months upfront; can I get a refund?
We will look at each case individually and will most likely be able to provide refunds for most cases. There are some where we’re financially not able to do this. For a refund, you should open a ticket on our billing area.

What about my server and files?
We advise you download all your files as soon as possible. We may charge file recovery fees if you request them after our servers have been deleted.

What else do I need to do?
For our game, discord, web and VPS services will not be suspending or terminating anything from today so you will not have to pay for any of services until your server is terminated. We do advise to cancel any PayPal subscriptions.

I'm a hosting provider and I'm interested in acquiring your company or hardware.
We're not interested in selling our company, data or hardware. Please don't contact us regarding this.