Our Minecraft Java & Bedrock hosting has never been faster! All of our old running AMD Ryzen 2700X CPUs have been replaced with our brand new, less power-consuming and ultra-fast new AMD Ryzen 3700X ones. We've also improved our Minecraft-specific optimisations to ensure servers are always running with the best performance.

All of the new servers in our European location run on 100% renewable energy, helping to reduce the impacts our servers have on climate change, all without compromising the performance of our service.

Topping things off, our DDoS protection and networking has also been massively improved, with much better filtering and less false positives, ensuring you and your players can play without disruptions with lower latency!

Upgrade your Minecraft server's performance with our cheap, powerful and easy-to-use Minecraft hosting! We're so confident you and your players will love our Minecraft hosting that we'll give you 24 hours try it out and get like a full refund with no questions asked if you're not happy.

Improve your server's performance, while playing your role in reducing energy usage. Try out Dashflo Minecraft Java & Bedrock hosting, from just €2/month.

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Our most powerful Minecraft hosting, designed to perfectly fit the needs of any Minecraft server. Powered by AMD Ryzen 3700X CPUs and fully DDoS protected to ensure your players can play without disruptions.