We've been keeping an eye out on the catastrophic global Coronavirus epidemic and we feel like we can play a role in helping out. Many offices and schools have closed down temporarily, or now require you to work from home.

To help those who are staying home, our Minecraft hosting will be 50% off the first month temporarily, allowing you and your friends to have another way of entertainment, and to keep you occupied at home. Please enter code COVID-19 while ordering to apply this discount. We wish everyone who is affected the best of luck.

Minecraft Hosting | Dashflo.net - High-Performance Hosting
Our most powerful Minecraft hosting, designed to perfectly fit the needs of any Minecraft server. Powered by AMD Ryzen 3700X CPUs and fully DDoS protected to ensure your players can play without disruptions.

The following 3rd party services may also be beneficial to you:
Cloudflare Access is offering 500 free seats
Microsoft Teams is free
G Suite hangouts group limits extended
Discord Go Live now supports up to 50 participants

If you would like to learn more about Coronavirus (COVID-19), check your healthcare or government's website. https://g.co/kgs/PkJmVL