Mojang Studios have just released Minecraft 1.17, the first release of the Caves & Cliffs update. This update comes with many long-awaited features, such as axolotls and goats, copper ore and much more!

New blocks

  • Copper ore – found underground close to mine shafts
  • Dripstone and Pointed Dripstone blocks – found in caves
  • Amethyst geodes – found in caves
  • Glow lichen – found in caves
  • Powdered snow – found on mountain tops
  • Deepslate – found close to bedrock in the underground area
  • Moss – found in shipwreck chests (can use bone meal to rapidly grow them)
  • Glow Berries – found in mineshaft chests
  • Azalea – use bone meal on moss for a chance to find it
  • Dripleaf plant – use bone meal on moss for a chance to find it

What's in the second release of the Caves & Cliffs update?

The second half of the caves & cliffs update will be released late in 2021 as Minecraft 1.18 and will come with a whole heap of additional changes. A new fully blind mob named Warden is now in the game, spawning in deep dark caves.

Even though the addition of a new mob is huge, Minecraft 1.18's release has an even bigger change with world generation.

How do I play Minecraft with my friends?

The new Caves & Cliffs update is available to everyone, so you and your friends can play together in your own world. To play together, you'll need to make a 24/7 hosted Minecraft server, which Dashflo has made beginner-friendly and straightforward! You'll be ready to play after 3 easy steps.

1. Purchase the server

The first step is purchasing the Minecraft server. Dashflo uses AMD Ryzen™ 5900X CPUs, which are superb for both gaming and game servers!

There are different plans with higher specifications giving better performance. However, the 2GB plan is cheap at just €4/m and will be lag-free for 20 players. If you're on a budget, don't worry, as there's a more affordable plan. Choose "Vanilla 1.17" as the server type on the store.

2. Start your server

As soon as you finish purchasing, your server is instantly deployed to our superfast hardware. From the complete order page, go "Home", then click the Minecraft Java service from the dashboard.

You'll see the server management interface. This page might seem daunting to begin with, but don't worry, as it's effortless to get the hang of it. Below the console, there are power buttons from which you can start the server.

Once the server is running, it'll run 24/7 even if you close the website tab so you and your friends can play at any time.

3. Join and concur Minecraft

It's now time to join your newly-created Minecraft server! From "Settings", you'll see the server's IP and port.

To join, add a server on Minecraft and put the IP and port together separated by ":". For this specific server, it'll be "" as the IP, but this will be slightly different for your server.

That's it. All you need to do is share the IP with your friends, and they'll be able to join too.

Once you're up and running, feel free to send the command "?" from the console to see all available commands. Anything entered into the console doesn't need a "/" before it.

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