If you don't already know, we offer a reseller program to allow other hosting providers to offer hosting services that are managed by us. Our reseller program allows hosting providers to offer hosting services to their customers without having to worry about managing the backend servers, scaling with demand, worrying about security/DDoS attacks, and having to develop new features. It allows them to focus on marketing, sales and support while we take care of the rest.

Since we released our reseller program in April 2020, plenty of hosting providers have reached out to use our program. We're proud to say that many hosting providers rely on our reseller services, ranging in size from small to large. We've worked closely with our largest resellers to help develop this new version, and have helped them upgrade to our latest version already.

Many resellers have provided some very insightful feedback into how we can improve our reseller services further to fit their needs better and satisfy them, their clients, and us (we're satisfied when they're happy!). Using the feedback we've gotten, we're now introducing version 2 of our API and WHMCS module.

Both the API and WHMCS module have been rewritten ground up with the goal of improving performance, improving the experience for our reseller's clients making everything more flexible for future feature additions. We have a lot more functionality planned to be integrated, which is now possible due to the new flexible design of our integration modules and API.

If you use our reseller program, you can follow our new rewritten documentation to see how to upgrade your WHMCS module to the latest version here.

If you're a hosting provider who doesn't already use our reseller program, learn more about what our reseller program has to offer you here.