Over the last few months, we've been working hard to finalize the migration of all of our old VPS customers to our brand new AMD Ryzen 3900X servers, which are much faster than our current Intel Core i9 9900X servers.

Starting from Monday 27th at 14:00 PM (London Time), we will complete the migration of all the VPS left on our old servers and migrate them to our new ones. Any customers on the old server will experience a few minutes of downtime as we migrate the virtual machine. More information can be found on our status page.

Migration of VMs - 27/07/2020 - Dashflo Status
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Our new VPS node upgrades offer all VPS customers a significant improvement on CPU and disk resources, allowing for much better performance in resource-demanding applications such as large game servers. We've made many changes to how we run virtual machines, including the addition of numerous CPU flags to VMs and the switch to NVMe drives.

A lot of new features are coming soon, so make sure to check up on our blog and Twitter frequently!