Discord is a popular chatting platform similar to Skype, Teamspeak and Slack and it has revolutionised online chat for gamers. A Discord bot allows you to integrate and do cool stuff with members in a Discord, from something as simple as sharing cat images to playing music in a voice channel, all the way to more advanced things such as playing games.

It's easy to make a Discord bot if you follow a good tutorial, or know basic Javascript (for Node.js) or Python. Once you've coded the bot, you'll find that running it 24/7 can be difficult as you need to run your computer all day and all night which uses electricity, makes noise and keeps warming up your room. The only way around this is by turning off your bot at night, stopping your community using it, or learning how to run it on an expensive VPS.

We've designed our Discord bot hosting to prevent this problem and make managing your Discord bot easier to do. Our panel has an integrated console and file manager, making it easy for you to make it wherever you are as the panel is 100% responsive! It's also possible to add other developers to the dashboard as sub-users, and control what they can and can't change, making collaboration easier.

Our Discord bot hosting is very easy to use, so you can hang out with your community more, or so you focus on developing your bot further with ease. We have some more advanced features, such as automated schedules, and an API.

Try it out yourself and see how managing a bot is easier with our Discord bot hosting, which is also powered by fully renewable electricity and AMD Ryzen 3700X CPUs! We charge as little as €3 every 3 months for our small plan, which accommodates nearly all types of Discord bots.

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Every one of our Discord bot hosting servers are powered by AMD Ryzen 3700X CPUs to unleash the maximum amount of performance and speed from your Dicord bot.
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