Our reseller program is super simple and lets other hosting providers focus on providing better support and marketing rather than spending time and money managing infrastructure, handling DDoS attacks and sorting problems.

For the last couple of months, we've been working hard to develop an API to enable our customers to easily remotely deploy and manage our powerful services. We're happy to announce that the API is now available for all clients to use. We will be posting documentation on how to use it soon, but if you're interested now then contact us.

To add to the API, we're also releasing a free WHMCS module so whenever someone orders a specific package, it automatically processes the order from us without you having to manually interact. Our module also allows other hosting provider customers to manage their services straight from their WHMCS, with their branding and accounts.

Currently, Minecraft hosting and VPS are supported on our API and WHMCS module, however, support for more services such as dedicated servers and web hosting is coming very soon!

We have a lot of planned features for our reseller program and API which we'll be sharing here soon enough and we can't wait to let you know more. If you run a hosting provider and are interested in expanding the range of services you offer effortlessly and easily, contact us for more information.

Reseller Program | Dashflo.net - High-Performance Hosting
A powerful and easy way resell game hosting, virtual private servers (VPS) and more without having to manage hardware. Free to use API and WHMCS module!
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