Today we’re excited to announce our powerful new virtual servers (VPS)! Our new virtual server host machines are powered by the newest Intel Core i9 9900X CPUs, providing an extreme amount of performance for applications that require high clock speeds, or a large number of threads.

While designing the specifications of our virtual server host machines, we had aimed towards providing the best performance for game server applications. Intel Core i9 processors come with features like extremely high single-threaded performance, stability and more. This allows server owners to take their game server to the next level with the computing power they need.

All of our services, including our virtual servers, are secured with Voxility 1750 Gbit/s (1.75 Tbps) at no extra cost, which stands between your server and the attacker. Voxility also provides up to 2604 million packets per second of protection.

Voxility is a market-leading solution in DDoS Protection which is used to protect online games, DNS, TCP services, HTTPS and HTTP websites. This works as Voxility provides 9 scrubbing centres in 8 cities in the US and EU right in the path of regular Internet traffic which constantly scans and filters traffic securely without affecting the network.

We charge only €3 per GB for our virtual server plans. Learn more at