Recently, Minecraft released snapshots for 1.17, which now have a minimum requirement for Java 16. We fully support the upgrade to newer versions of Java on our dashboard, which allows you to select a version.

Many large plugins have also announced plans to drop support for Java versions older than Java 16, including the development group IntellectualSites responsible for FastAsyncWorldEdit and PlotSquared.

How to change the Java version?

Now, you may be wondering how to change the Java version. Changing the Java version of a server hosted by Dashflo is exceptionally straightforward and takes two clicks.

  1. Go to the startup section on our dashboard.
  2. Use the dropdown to select the desired version of Java.
Dashflo Minecraft Hosting Java Version Selector

Now what?

We will continue to provide updated versions of Java 8 and Java 11 to continue supporting older Minecraft server versions, such as modded 1.8 servers. Once the new Minecraft release is available and you update your server, ensure that you update all plugins and change the Java version from our dashboard.