One year after opening in EU, we're happy to announce our new North America location, located in Dallas. The first service available in this location is our industry leading Minecraft baseline hosting. All baseline nodes in our new location are powered by AMD Ryzen 2700X CPUs.

To determine the best datacenter for us to choose for our US location, we had some strict criteria in place:

  1. Affordable - We wanted to ensure that we could continue charging our low prices in our new location to allow more people to switch.
  2. High quality - To live up to our standards, the new datacenter had to remain up to our quality standards so that we can continue providing a high-quality service worldwide.
  3. Well geographically placed - We needed to cover a large area of North America. Most of our customers who recommended us to release an American location suggested near Dallas, Texas.

If you'd like to try out our new location, choose this location while checking out at!