As our Discord bot hosting platform has been growing, we've been looking into new ways to assist and improve the management experience of more bot users. One way for us to complete this objective is by supporting a larger range of popular bot languages in order to be compatible with more bots.

We're now introducing Python support to our Discord bot hosting platform! Like Node.js, Python is an extremely popular programming language due to its simplicity and beginner friendlyness, which makes it popular among Discord bots.

The main benefits of our Discord bot hosting compared to alternatives such as using an old computer are:

  • Easily manage your Discord bot from anywhere, including on your phone
  • Add more users and control what access they have to your bot
  • Always keep your bot online, 24/7
  • Get statistics, and manage from our API
  • As simple as purchase, upload and start

We now support both Node.js and Python on our platform, though we'll continue growing our language support over time! If you'd like to see us support a specific new language, let us know.

Learn more about our Discord bot hosting at Plans start at just €1 per month (though we charge quarterly for our smallest plan).