That's right. You read the title right. We're rolling out new servers powered by AMD's latest Ryzen™ 5000 CPUs throughout our infrastructure now, and there's more to it!

Minecraft hosting gets first pick!

We felt that our Minecraft hosting was due for an upgrade to keep it bleeding-edge and super speedy. Don't get us wrong, our current AMD Ryzen 3700X game hosting nodes run extremely well performance-wise, but we knew we could do better thanks to AMD's new CPUs. A bit of planning here, a lot of waiting for deliveries there, and we're now proud to announce that our Minecraft hosting has been upgraded to AMD Ryzen 5900X CPUs!

Initially, our goal was to announce this on our 3rd birthday (if you haven't seen our birthday post, check it out here!), but it's not easy to get ahold of AMD Ryzen 5000 CPUs, so we had to push the announcement back sadly. Now, as you're reading this, we've already deployed a large chunk of our new fleet of stupid fast game hosting servers.

From now, all Minecraft servers are deployed on these brand new nodes. If you already have a Minecraft server, it has already been migrated to our new infrastructure on April 2nd.

We love the environment.

This upgrade comes with many more benefits that you may not think of. We're committed to helping the environment wherever we can make small changes that make significant differences. Our main location, Frankfurt, Germany, is already powered with 100% renewable electricity and our choices in the servers we use also cut down on electricity usage as they are new and efficient.

We're stepping up our efforts by building these new servers to handle double the capacity to cut down on the wastage of rare resources needed in all the electronics and reduce e-waste in the future. This change is our way of doing our best to help out the environment even further without impacting the performance of our customers.

More features and upgrades!?

Since we released in March 2018, we have continuously worked hard to offer both high-performance hosting and plenty of valuable features. Being the first Minecraft hosting provider to use AMD Ryzen, free Cloudflare Railgun, non-stop improvements to our network and DDoS protection, a bunch more things and now AMD Ryzen 5000. And you know, it doesn't end there. There's a lot that we'll be announcing soon, so like always, stay tuned.