Since early 2020, we've adopted Cloudflare Access to protect and secure our infrastructure from attacks. Cloudflare Access allows us to secure internal applications without the use of VPNs, which can be unreliable and pose a threat if an attacker were to enter our internal VPN network. Cloudflare Access works well as it's built on a zero-trust model and has been designed to be extremely simple to use.

The implementation of Cloudflare access has been was straightforward to do and provides us with peace-of-mind that all of our information is as safe as possible. All major interfaces have now adopted it and paired with Google SSO, only permitted staff members can access certain admin-only dashboards.

One feature we were hoping would be a little more flexible is the Cloudflare app launcher. As of May 2020, the site images aren't customisable and are set by Cloudflare so most of our app launcher lacks icons, and we can't add 3rd party links there. It would be nice if we could add shortcuts to our external tools, but we can easily achieve this by creating our own portal.

This is just one of many security measures that we have in place to stop attacks, protect customer information and go above and beyond with security compared to our competitors. Without giving too much away, we have other logs and monitors in place to ensure that we know exactly what is happening at all times.

If you don't already use Cloudflare, we highly recommend checking them out. It's free to get started with them. As we're a Cloudflare partner, we've made it extremely easy to use them with our web hosting.

Cloudflare for Teams
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