We've finished migrating all of our web hosting customers to Plesk. You can easily access Plesk from your dashboard. We have done our best to seamlessly migrate all sites from cPanel to Plesk.

Is there anything I need to do?

  • Make sure that your site operates correctly. If there's any issues, try changing your PHP version, check logs from Plesk, or contacting us if neither of those resolve the issue.
  • Update any database credentials. Database username formats have changed for some sites, so if you use a database, update the password and username in your configs.
  • If you know what you're doing, reset your DNS zone file to default to remove unused cPanel DNS records, and add all of Plesk's ones to support all features.
  • Activate DKIM under "Mail Settings" and "Activate/Deactivate Services".

Plesk has an extremely easy-to-use dashboard which makes managing a website an effortless task, and the performance is extremely good.

Learn more about Plesk's features on their site. https://www.plesk.com/features/