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Welcome to the Dashflo Reseller documentation. Here we provide all the information you'll need to know, from how the reseller program works to managing services hosted by us.

What is Dashflo Reseller? 🤔

Our reseller program allows you to offer hosting services to your customers without having to worry about managing the backend servers, scaling with demand, worrying about security/DDoS attacks, and having to develop new features. It allows you to focus on marketing, sales and support while we take care of the rest for you.

Our reseller services have no customer-facing Dashflo branding on any of our integration modules. We provide a white-label module that you can fully design to your likings, as all the source code is available to modify to fit your needs. Your customers manage their services straight from your existing dashboard, keeping things extremely simple and effortless for them to manage.

You might be wondering why we offer this program. The truth is we offer our reseller services as a way to make more sales, as we still make a profit whether we get a sale through a reseller purchase or a direct customer. By making our quality hosting services available to others, we help improve the hosting industry as a whole.

Using our reseller services doesn't stop you from making a profit as you simply just charge your customer more than what we charge for the service. With our reseller program, you only pay for the resources that you allocate, so when your customer orders from you our integration module will automatically order from us, and when a customer cancels with you, it will cancel with us. There are no other fees from us to use our reseller program.

Since we released our reseller program in April 2020, plenty of hosting providers have reached out to use our program. We're proud to say that many hosting providers rely on our reseller services, ranging in size from small to large.

Our reseller program can be used to expand your range of services offered, without having to do any extra work. If you already manage existing game hosting infrastructure, you can still use our reseller program to sell different services, such as dedicated servers.

How it works 📝

We've designed our reseller program to be extraordinarily easy to use. After all, it was made to simplify the lives of hosting providers.

  • A customer orders from you When one of your customers orders a hosting service, they order through your billing software and pay you directly using whatever payment gateways you support.
  • We automatically deploy the service Your billing software deploys the service through our integration module, which automatically orders a service from us through our API. We use your account credits, or automatically charge your card to activate the service instantly.
  • The customer manages their new service Once the service is deployed, your customer can manage their service straight from your dashboard. No external panels, no managing stock, no fuss. For game and VPS services, within about a minute, the service would have deployed to our massive fleet of powerful servers.

Got any questions? 💬

Feel free to reach out to our support team. We're happy to answer any questions.

Products 🛒

You can view the different reseller plans that we offer along with their prices on this page.

📋 Products

Integrations 🤖

Our reseller program supports popular automated hosting management software. If you would like us to support specific software, please let us know and we'll see what we can do.


WHMCS is the most popular hosting automation software in the industry. It is very extensive, powerful and feature-rich. You can learn more about WHMCS and their pricing on their website.

Client Dashboard

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🔄 Upgrading module

Creating Products

➕ Creating products


We are still working on developing a Blesta module. Please check back in a few months if you require Blesta integration.


If you have a custom panel, you can easily integrate straight with our API yourself. Take a look at how our WHMCS module works, or contact us to learn more about the API.